About GOTS

Gulf Orbit Trading is one of the leading suppliers of products and services of high-quality components, equipment, materials in the field of instrumentation, electronics, communication and mechanics to manufacturing, oilfield, gas and petrochemical industries in Saudi Arabia and the Middle East. GOTS's commitment to supply high standard and reliable products has attracted some of the leading companies in the region to look to GOTS for total solutions to their needs. GOTS is your one stop solution provider for setting up an industry, a factory or a building. Products that are provided by GOTS range from the very basic to the latest and greatest. Last but not the least; GOTS is a unique provider of services which allow the efficient and effective usage of the products provided.

Experience the GOTS strategy which is all about:
Goal Orientation
Our Mission
Our mission is to provide to our valued customers efficient and effective solutions and services which meet their requirements both in terms of cost and quality.
Our Employees
Our staff at GOTS just follows one rule: Customer comes first! Our employees are always working with the motive of providing the best possible solution to the customer no matter what it takes. The working environment provided to our employees enables them to prosper, grow and learn something new every day.
Our Values
GOTS as a company and the individuals within this organization give integrity, sincerity, frankness, personal growth, and admiration top priority. Our commitment towards our valued customers is of utmost importance. We are keen in providing hi-tech, modern solutions and make it a point to see our solutions come to life. We take pride in not only undertaking these challenging responsibilities but also hold ourselves accountable until we have delivered.


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